Researcher 6 (Research Associate) - Institute on Community Integration (ICI), University of Minnesota

Posted: Friday, March 2, 2018

Full-Time 100% Professional/Academic (P&A) Researcher 6 position available in the Community Living Program Area at the Inst on Community Integration (ICI).

Job ID: 322454

About the Job:

A full-time (100% FTE) research leadership position is open in the Institute on Community Integration (ICI) in the Community Living program area. This research position is designed to plan for, implement and report on currently funded and future research on programs and services related to positive supports, social inclusion, person-centered practices, organizational change, and community capacity building related to community living for children, youth and adults with disabilities. Research projects will focus on and include large scale systems and policy questions as well as community and organizational interventions designed to improve quality of life, community living and social inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Primary duties will involve 1) grant writing, 2) planning and leading research programs and specific activities (e.g. research instrument design and development, data collection and management, data analysis and writing technical reports) and 3) authoring of manuscripts for peer-reviewed journal articles, technical reports and other knowledge translation materials, 4) resource management and collaboration with diverse staff and stakeholders at the University, state, and national level. This position will also require the ability to train organizations and individuals on evidence based practices and to make presentations at state and national conferences. It is also a position for which the researcher will be expected to work with others to organize and write grant proposals, and develop new research opportunities by serving as a Principal Investigator. Preparing and overseeing Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications and reporting is an essential component of this position. The Community Living program area is committed to working with under and unserved communities and it will be expected that the person in this position will work with these communities through all research activities.

Job Responsibilities:   Research (75%) & Research Development and Management (25%)

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