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Autism Speaks' Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE) Continues to Support Genetic Research and Findings

In a study published in the June 26 edition of the journal PLoS Genetics, a research team including geneticists from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) identified 27 different genetic regions where rare gene variations - missing or extra copies of certain genes - were found in children with autism, but not in the healthy controls.



In Memoriam: Ted Carr

It is with great sadness that AUCD learned of the tragic death of Dr. Edward 'Ted' Carr in a car accident near his home in Stony Brook, NY. Dr. Carr was an internationally recognized professor at State University of New York at Stony Brook and was a leader in the field of treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Carr is best known for his work with using Positive Behavior Supports for children with autism.



California faced a 12-Fold Increase in Autism Between 1987 and 2007, Shows New Report

A new study released by California's Department of Developmental Services reveals that the state saw a 12-fold increase during the past two decades in the number of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) receiving services through regional centers.



Connecticut passes Autism Insurance Reform Legislation

Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell has signed a bill requiring health insurance companies to cover the cost of autism treatment and diagnosis. The new law covers Applied Behavior Analysis therapy up to age 16, as well as certain other treatments including prescription drugs and psychological services.



A Genetic Link Between Anorexia and Autism? - from TIME Magazine

Researchers at Maudsley Hospital in London explore a possible link between eating disorders and autism.



AFAA's 'The Think Tank' Focuses on Needs of Adults with Autism

Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism (AFAA) is a national consortium seeking to create meaningful futures for adults with autism that include homes, jobs, recreation, friends, and supportive communities.



Autism Centers of Excellence and Autism Speaks Announce Comprehensive Study of Early Risk Factors for Autism

Network of leading autism researchers from across the country uses cohort of pregnant women considered to have an elevated autism risk to discover biological markers and possible environmental risk factors for autism. Research sites include locations with UCEDDs/LENDs.



Oregon Governor Creates Commission on Autism

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signed an executive order March 25 creating the Oregon Commission on autism spectrum disorder (ASD)



Where in the U.S. is there an Insurance Reform Initiative?

In many states, insurers explicitly exclude coverage of medically necessary, evidence-based autism therapies from policies, which places a significant financial burden on families seeking to provide their children with necessary services. Twelve states - Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas - have enacted autism insurance reform bills. Nearly thirty state legislatures have introduced bills this year.



U.K. Autism Study Finds Prevalence one in 64

The current estimate of autism in the U.K. is one in 100. But the new study found that for every three diagnosed cases of autism, there are two that are not diagnosed - meaning the true prevalence in the U.K. could be as high as one in 64.



Act Early Regional Summit In Sacramento June 8-9

Rocklin & Roseville Today

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) - Leaders in early identification of autism from the western United States and beyond will hold a summit in Sacramento to strategize how to better identify children at risk of the disorder for the earliest possible interventions. The timing of the summit is especially important given looming state and federal budget cuts that threaten health and education programs for young children.



For Latino Parents, Raising Child with Autism has Complex Barriers

Since they moved to Framingham from their native Puerto Rico in 1998 looking for help for their then- 3-year-old daughter Yamilex, the Ortizes have yearned to connect with other Latino parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).



First Assisted Communication Application for iPhone/iPod Touch

By Carin Yavorcik

Xcellent Creations, Inc. and special education teacher Ian Walden have developed iConverse, an iPhone/iPod touch application that allows children or adults with special needs to use push-button images to convey their basic needs to those around them



Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Changes in the California Caseload

New report summarizes caseload growth of individuals with autistic spectrum disorders served by the California Department of Developmental Services.

Dr. Ansley Bacon, Dr. Annie Alonso Amador, Dr. George Jesien, Dr. Deborah Spitalnick, Dr. Yegin Habtes, Dr. Robert Marion, Dr. Karen Edwards, and Dr. Stephen Sulkes


Act Early Summit Held at Einstein Provides Regional Focus on Autism Interventions

Stakeholders from each of the states and territories in Region II (NY, NJ, PR, VI) gathered to share thoughts, ideas, and insights around the care for children with autism and their families.

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