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Adolescent Health Transition Project (Center on Human Development and Disability, University of Washington)

A resource for adolescents with special health care needs.



Build Your Own Care Notebook (The National Center of Medical Home Initiatives for Children With Special Needs

The Care Notebook is an organizing tool for families and will help you keep track of important information. Care Notebooks are very personal to your child and ideally should be customized to reflect your child's medical history and current information. For this reason, this web site has been developed to allow you to build a Care Notebook that best meets the need of your child.



Good 2 Go Transition Program (The Hospital For Sick Children, Toronto, Canada)

The goal of Good 2 Go is to prepare all youth with chronic health conditions to leave SickKids (Hospital for Sick Children) by the age of 18 years with the necessary skills and knowledge to advocate for themselves (or through others), maintain health-promoting behaviors and utilize adult health care services appropriately and successfully. This website offers comprehensive program details and additional resources.



Health Care Transitions for Women with Disabilities

This powerpoint was presented at Harvard Medical School, Center for Excellence in Women's Health, 2005 Women with Disabilities Symposium.

ppt File Health Care Transitions for Women with Disabilities.ppt [download]


Health Care Transitions for Young People

This is Chapter 4 in the book, "The Future of Disability in America."



Healthy and Ready to Work (HRTW) National Resource Center

This site focuses on understanding systems, access to quality health care, and increasing the involvement of youth. It also includes provider preparation plus tools and resources needed to make more informed choices.



Life Beyond the Classroom: Transition Strategies for Young People with Disabilities, Fourth Edition

This text brings together the most up-to-date, comprehensive information on facilitating transitions for young people with mild, moderate, or severe disabilities.



Promoting Health Care Transitions for Adolescents with Special Health Care Needs and Disabilities

This book helps professionals across systems work together on effective health care transition plans.



The State of Transitions Report: September 2008

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Transition Report

pdf File AAP Transitions Report Sept 2008.pdf [download]


Transition for Youth With Special Health Care Needs: How Do We Get This Done?

ppt File Transition for Youth with Special Health Care Needs.ppt [download]


Transition to Adult Health Care for Adolescents and Young Adults with Chronic Conditions

Position Paper of the Society for Adolescent Medicine

pdf File PositionPaper Transition from Child-Centered to Adult Health-Care Systems for Adolescents with Chronic Conditions.pdf [download]


Transition to Adulthood

This section of NICHCY's website is devoted to transition issues, resources, and best practices. It will help you learn more about transition ---what the law requires, what information a typical transition plan contains, how transition plans are developed, and so on. Because transition is such an enormous topic, we have organized the information as a "suite" of pages that break the topic down into some of its distinct aspects.



TransitionMap of Delaware (Center for Disability Studies, University of Delaware)

A Roadmap from school to the future for students ages 13 to 30 with developmental disabilities living in Delaware and/or receiving special education services.



Health Services Transitions: Processes and Perspectives

This document was presented at the Health Transitions pre-conference workshop at the AUCD 2008 Annual Conference. This workshop introduced participants to the issues and barriers experienced by professionals, youth with disabilities and special health care needs, and families during the process of moving from the pediatric to the adult health care system.

pdf File Health Services Transitions Processes&Perspectives.pdf [download]


Health Care Transitions Website (Univ. of Florida Institute for Child Health Policy)

This website offers references, research, resources, programs & services, and training materials related to transitions.


Transition Literature

A compilation of references for additional literature addressing transitions.

doc File Transition Literature.doc [download]
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