Planning Grants for Alzheimer's Disease Translational Centers for Predictive Drug Development (R34)

Submission Date: May 15, 2014

Award Ceiling: $200,000

This FOA is soliciting applications that will support planning for the development of a full application for a translational center that will develop/apply QSP approaches to the validation of therapeutic targets and characterization of drug candidates throughout preclinical and early clinical drug development to provide a systems level understanding of drug targets and drug action and address some of the key issues for attrition of AD drugs in the clinic. Applicants are encouraged to propose additional planning activities as long as they contribute to the development of a robust application that will fulfill the programmatic goals of the translational center(s) initiative. When developing the planning grant and subsequent cooperative agreement translational center applications, applicants are encouraged to use the research framework outlined in the NIH QSP White Paper.

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