New Name, New Leadership, (Re)Newed Focus! Council on Technology and Innovation in Interdisciplinary Services (CTIIS)

February 11, 2014

Jody Pirtle, CTIIS Chair, at the 2013 CTIIS meeting.
Jody Pirtle, CTIIS Chair, at the 2013 CTIIS meeting.

Greetings and Happy New Year! The Council on Interdisciplinary Services (CIS) has recently changed its name to the Council on Technology and Innovation in Interdisciplinary Services (CTIIS). What is exciting about the name change is a more targeted emphasis on technology and innovation in interdisciplinary services. We hope that this new emphasis will re-energize this group, get better involvement from the network programs, and help to further spread information and promising practices throughout the AUCD network about the use of technology and other innovative solutions in the service and support of people with IDD and their families. 

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Along with the name change the CTIIS also had a leadership change. The new CTIIS Leadership is comprised of:

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About the CTIIS                                         

The mission of the CTIIS is to identify the mutual needs and issues of UCEDDs, LENDs and IDDRCs providing services and promote collaborative actions across the network in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of service delivery. Services may include a variety of direct services, supports, and assistance for individuals with disabilities and/or other related disorders or special health care needs and their families. Services may be provided by professionals, paraprofessionals, direct care workers, students, or other personnel. Included in the category of services are both direct clinical services and community-based client consults/contacts.


The full CTIIS Council meets once a year in conjunction with the AUCD meeting. The CTIIS Leadership Committee and the Council's other working Committees also meet in person once a year and at least three additional times during the year via conference calls and/or tele-conference.