A Guide to Family-Centered Culturally Competent Care

March 29, 2007


pdf File 2007nccc afcguide P4.pdf (1,416KB) [download]

The movements to advance family-centered care and cultural and linguistic competence have often evolved along parallel tracks. This fact is well documented in the early definitions of family-centered care in the literature (Bishop, Woll, & Arango, n.d.). Although these definitions reference “honoring cultures, cultural diversity, and family traditions,” little emphasis was placed on policies and structures necessary to translate this philosophy into family-centered practice. This review encompassed the period of 1993-2003 and included 250 journal and other articles, books, chapters, videos, monographs, Web sites, training manuals, resource catalogs and guides, block grants, and display posters. The authors found that “little mention of cultural competence was made in family-centered care materials” (Arango & McPherson, 2005).