2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2013

CTIIS Meeting at AUCD Conference2013

(Council on Technology Innovation and Interdisciplinary Services)


(Each member provided an example of technology or an innovation from their center)

Amy Hewitt MN-Direct Course

Kelly Nye MN- Self Advocacy online, Qualtrics survey tool

Hilory Liccini ND-APPLE(modules for paraprofessionals for school training on working with students with disabilities)

Rebecca Pretzel NC-Online training modules training school psychologists on working with students with TBI, ACC training for interdisciplinary teams

Sue Olson UT- Stepping stones grants, early intervention services using VoIP for outreach.  ABA supervision and supports provided in online

Dan Wenz NM- Learning technologies, Telehealth, build databases for Jackson lawsuit certifications

Marie-Christin Potvin VT- Both formal and informal use of technology for webinars and calls

Rebecca Carman AUCD- Webinars

Luke Hummel SD-CBI (computer based intervention) teaching efficacy in schools

Sarah Guayante AZ, building databases on how to provide better service

Richard Kiefer-O'Donnell AK-online training for native support workers, ABA supervision

Jason Cavin GA- Training on PBS- how to complete and FBA and how to use them in an IEP process, web presence on media to let people know who we are and what we do

Colleen McLaughlin NJ, Website and webinars

Jody Pirle AZ- BCBA supervision, ITunes U, adobe connect, Bridge Briefs (research to practice articles), AT lab

Andrew OH- ITunes University to post seminars, video modeling using iPads, Telehealth

Rosie FL- Online modules for LEND trainees for family centered care, autism, etc.

Maureen Delongis OR

Diane Williams WV

Matt Braun KS

Luke Comeau SD

Matt GA


Review and approval of minutes from last years meeting.

Spelling and location corrections: Hilory Liccini- North Dakota, Matt Cavin- Georgia.

Minutes approved with minors changes.


Introduction of new Council leadership.

Jody Pirtle, Chair

Bruce Keisling, Vice Chair

Kelly Nye, Secretary

Rebecca Carman, AUCD liaison

Council name change is a reflection and directive focus on both technology and innovation. Innovation does not necessarily have to involve technology.  It can include new ideas, programs, service models, and promising practices.  Council's charge is to share these ideas around the network. Making a niche for our council- including "innovation" in addition to technology.  A means find other people in the network who are doing it.  Creating dialogue. 

Idea Sharing & Discussion

The Council has a blog as a tool to share- a great way to share knowledge and resources throughout the network.  Draw from members to share their experiences. 

Is there a loss of focus on interdisciplinary when technology is involved? We want our focus to be on technology that supports interdisciplinary practice.  Our network IS interdisciplinary!  Interdisciplinary does not have to define our council as our network and other councils promote it.

We have never done a webinar in this council.  According to Rebecca webinars are the best way to reach the members through AUCD and beyond.  Webinars,  Telehealth (polycom), BCBA supervision; maybe a partnership with Autism SIG for a joint activity. Developing videos and story boards-webinars with CEDC, or build into a symposium for next years AUCD -application, ethics (HIPAA), and utility.

To stay up to date-shared meeting time and get updates, have 1 hour presentation, blogs can make give ideas, but a conversation and meeting to discuss a topic more thoroughly could be a highly useful tool.  Not as a formal as a webinar; more of a focus on the "details".  AUCD has a line through Adobe connect to host these types of calls.

Using the network to combine resource power. "We recommend "x." Here's a list of people who use "x" in the network.   There are limits to this idea because University's often are the ones who make those decisions about the products or infrastructure used. However CIITS members could make  "Recommendations."  There are probably at least 5 or 6 "consultants" you could reach via CIITS/AUCD who are using "x" technology. 

Resource list maintained by the council-Here are the experts in "x" area.  Matrix format. 

Podcast, podcast channel.

Webinars for 2014- Brainstorm

·    Details & Development & Protocol supporting Telehealth 

·    Vision and application of Telehealth

·    How to use technology- selecting applications for the audience & function

·    Consultation over the web (speech, nutrition, BCBA)-How to make the most of online consultation

·    Overview or Introduction to new technology (i.e. itunes university

Message from Andrew Imparato, AUCD's Executive Director

·     Push for private partnerships-Comcast, Apple, Verizon

·     Testing sites, product development, making technology accessible to people with IDD

·     Internships at FCC for students with IDD, and encourage industries they regulate to do the same


2014 Outcomes:

·  2 webinars (*use trainees)

1.    Telehealth/Telepractice (Sue Olson UT, Matt Kansas, Dan NM)

2.     Interdisciplinary Training and interaction (Richard AK, Bruce Keisling)

·  Continued use of the CTIIS list serv

Keeping the council better connected to each other, sharing information with one another related to the council. If you use the Listserve use it sparingly- as to keep items "important" and relevant. Sharepoint is available to the council as well which can be accessed via the council tab on the AUCD website.

 ·  Scheduled blog posts-send out a request out through the list serv (from Jody).  Contribute at least one post from your center/ work per year

 ·    Symposium at next years AUCD conference-Telehealth/telepractice break it down to different applications (self-advocates, research, training/education, partnership) (Kelly N. will coordinate)