Testing Innovative Strategies for the Implementation of Collaborative Care for Management of Mental Disorders and Reduction of Racial and Ethnic Disparities In Mental Health Care

Submission Date: January 29, 2014

Award Ceiling: TBD

The National Institute of Mental Health will soon issue a broad agency announcement to fund research on innovative strategies for the implementation, in multiple urban and rural locations, of collaborative care interventions that have shown effectiveness in the reduction of mental health care racial and ethnic disparities. The goals are to: Develop implementation models that will test delivery of collaborative care for the management of mood and anxiety disorders in individuals ages 18 and older in a range of community service settings found across the United States (e.g. social service organizations, faith-based organizations, human services settings, primary care clinics); Test the feasibility and effectiveness of the implementation model in communities with substantial racial and ethnic minority populations; and Assess the implementation model's overall impact on achieving increased access to and use of indicated mental health care services for racial and ethnic minority populations, compared to implementation as usual.

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