NEI Translational Research Program (TRP) on therapy for Visual Disorders (R24)

Submission Date: January 28, 2014

Award Ceiling: $1,750,000

The National Eye Institute (NEI) announces the reissue of PAR-10-281, "Translational Research Program (TRP) on Therapy for Visual Disorders". This program focuses on the development of novel therapies to treat visual diseases and disorders. In the context of this program, an expert develops a multi-disciplinary research team that applies an integrative approach to develop rapid and efficient translation of innovative laboratory research findings into clinical therapeutic development. It involves collaborative teams of scientists and clinicians with expertise in multiple disciplines, operating according to a clear leadership plan. Such a collaborative approach is particularly appropriate for research focused on pathways that will likely be targeted by biological intervention, such as gene therapy, cell-based therapy, and pharmacological approaches. The intention of this program is to make resources available to scientists from several disciplines to address scientific and technical questions that would be beyond the capabilities of any one research group.

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