2013 NTDC Elections

September 19, 2013

In accordance with the bylaws of the National Training Directors Council, voting for the new Council leadership is now open and will continue through Sunday, October 13th at 5pm.

Following is the guidance for the Election of Officers and the listing of individuals running for Council leadership positions. After reviewing their information and making your decisions, please vote here.

Election of Officers (from the NTDC bylaws)

The Council Chair will be elected for three years, a term that is consistent with the term of office of the AUCD Board of Directors, so that he or she may function as a representative to that Board for an entire term. The Council Vice Chair will be elected for a similar term, and will function as a substitute representative to the board in the absence of the Chair. The Council Secretary will be elected for a similar term. The Past Chair will serve for a similar term on the Steering Committee.

Elections will be held at least one month in advance of the annual meeting using an electronic voting format (email or web-based). Nominations will be conducted by mail or electronically at least two months prior to the election. Each officer will be selected by a majority of those voting.

The Council Chair will conduct all meetings of the Council, as well as those of the Steering Committee. The Vice Chair will pursue those duties as designated by the Chair and the Steering Committee. The Secretary will maintain minutes of all general and Steering Committee meetings and will make distribution to the membership at large.



Michelle Schladant, PhD

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Florida

MichelleHaving recently participated in the 2013 UCEDD Leadership Institute at the University of Delaware, I would now like the opportunity to become more actively involved within AUCD network. I have been a member of the National Training Director's Council (NTDC) since 2006 and can think of no better way to further develop my leadership skills and get more involved than by taking on a NTDC service position. While I am happy to serve in any capacity, as chair, I would like to work with Council members to identify challenges/priorities to address during my term. Some topic areas that I am interested in addressing include: leadership training for professionals, family members, and self-advocates; use of online learning, social media, and other multimedia to engage learners; and continuity of care across the lifespan (e.g., early intervention, use of assistive technology, training adult providers about DD and SHCNs, post-secondary training and employment).
 Vice Chair

Laura M. Stough, PhD

Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M University

LauraI have served as Interdisciplinary Training Coordinator since 2005, when our Center was first established, and represent my Center on the NTDC. Together with other NTDC members, I worked on the 4th. Interdisciplinary Training Guide for AUCD. One of my roles at our Center has been to facilitate the coming together of training programs and different disciplines to create new projects and training practices. In my role as a faculty member in Educational Psychology, I have been able to collaborate with other disciplines within our department, our College, and with other institutions of higher education in training new teachers, doctoral students, and practitioners in the field. I am interested in emerging trends in the field of developmental disabilities and in the dissemination of these issues to new trainees in our programs. Specifically, I would like to spearhead the organization of webinar speaker series, brief reports, and podcasts targeted directly at addressing the training needs of trainees across the AUCD network.

Elizabeth A. Bishop, MSSW

University of Tennessee Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities, Memphis, TN

ElizabethI have been part of the network since 2000 when I was a LEND trainee. I became the Community Education Coordinator in 2001 and began to become invested in my national council and network. As the new Training Coordinator at the Boling Center, I am once again starting to make connections with others in our national network and hope to serve the NTDC this next term. As the secretary I hope to learn about other programs and seek to benefit from new partnerships with other training directors to expand and enhance our program as well as provide technical assistance to others about my own successes.

Erika Ryst, MD

Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities, LEND

ErikaI would like to run for the Secretary position of the NTDC as a way to become more involved in the larger UCEDD/LEND network. I am currently the Interdisciplinary Training Director and Medical Director for the Nevada LEND, which is a new LEND program (we are just starting with our third class of LEND trainees). While I am new to the LEND network, I have a strong background in medical education, and am the Program Director for the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. As part of the leadership of the NTDC, I would like to find ways to increase visibility of LEND's and UCEDD's within the health care community as a whole. (The medical school that I attended has an excellent and well-established LEND program, but I never heard of it during the entire four years that I was there!) Increasing visibility in this way will help to draw an increasingly diverse group of professionals to our training programs and further strengthen the capacity of our network.


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