Multicultural Council Minutes

2006 Annual Meeting

October 30, 2006

AUCD Multicultural Council
Annual Council Meeting
October 30, 2006

I. Introductions and Attendance

A. Present:

  1. Kimberly Walker-Norton - Oregon Health Science Center
  2. Tokesha Warner - Vanderbilt LEND
  3. Barbara J. Wagner - Waisman Center UCEDD
  4. Mary Kay Riziolo - IDHD Chicago
  5. Steve Brown - University of Hawaii
  6. Gordon Richins (COCA Co-Chair)
  7. Jean Snoddy - Colorado UCEDD
  8. Tom Uno - Arizona UCEDD
  9. Kathy Roberson - Boggs Center
  10. Laurel Ryan - UT Boling Center
  11. Gaetano (Guy) Lotrecchiano - DC LEND
  12. Paula Sotnik - ICI UCEDD, Boston
  13. Mat McCullough - AUCD Central office
  14. Allison Ball - University of Oregon
  15. Barbara Wheeler - USC UCEDD
  16. Victoire Jacques - LEND trainee
  17. Carolyn Richardson - University of New Mexico
  18. Cathy Haarstad - North Dakota
  19. Sharon Henault
  20. Sharon Jodock-King - Seattle
  21. Susan Yuan (COCA Co-Chair) - CDCI, University of Vermont

II. Acknowledgement of outgoing MCC Executive Leadership

A. J. Kimberly Walker-Norton - Outgoing Chair
B. Tokesha L. Warner - Outgoing Vice-Chair
C. Allison Ball - Outgoing Secretary

III. Introduction of New MCC Representatives

A. Tokesha L. Warner - Incoming Chair
B. Gaetano Lotrecchiano - Incoming Vice-Chair
C. Secretary position was not filled, however Jean Snoddy accepted the nomination and was elected to fill the position for 2006-2007.

IV. Brief Board of Directors Update

A. MCC Strategic Plan -

  1. Kimberly and Allison completed work on the draft, which was submitted to the Board
  2. The Plan will be posted on the MCC website

B. R & R Workgroup -

  1. Tokesha has chaired the group
  2. Revised the 2003 Diversity survey to be released to the Network
  3. Data will be collected and compared to the 2003 data

C. 2007 Annual Meeting

  1. There will be discussion and a vote on where to hold next year's meeting
  2. The Alexandria Mark Hilton has been deemed the most accessible
  3. The Annual Meeting outgrew the Bethesda hotel used previously
  4. The Board approved the Council on Research Evaluation (CORE) - Elections will be held for Council leadership

E. International Partners

  1. Opportunities for MCC in Technical Assistance and Consulting
  2. The focus of Takamul is currently on children
  3. First stage will be individuals from Takamul touring Network programs for best-practices.
  4. Wales is an affiliate program
  5. South Africa has applied for affiliate membership

F. AUCD website

  1. New website is being rolled out in January
  2. The Directory now has a section for demographic data collection

G. NIRS database

  1. The diversity of the faculty is required for MTARS and MCHB and could possibly be collected in NIRS
  2. MCC needs to be proactive in promoting a consistent method of collecting demographic data
  3. There is a concern that we are falling into quotas.
  4. Our measures should be reflective of what is useful

H. MTARS (Monitoring & Technical Assistance Review) (conducted by ADD for UCEDDs)

  1. Does not allow CAC members to wear 2 hats

I. Incoming Board President is Royal Walker

  1. How can the MCC be of service?
a. Reach out more to the Board
b. Be more involved in policy
2. Look to resources to do capacity-building and planning assistance with minority institutions
3. Look at the underlying cultural issues around disabilities
4. Cultivate relationships on the local, state, and regional level
5. Have incubators to train leadership

V. Membership

A. Ways to boost Council membership among Network programs

VI. Future Directions: Planning Next Steps

A. Recommendations to ADD

  1. Qualification/ designation of the CAC members in the MTARS
  2. Collaborate with COCA

B. Recommendations to New Centers

  1. Expanding the network to include minority institutions
  2. Potential for partnership funds
  3. Increase concentration on minority institutions

C. Require that Directory information be completed

  1. Presently completion is voluntary

D. Recruitment of new leadership

  1. Planning for new UCEDD and LEND Directors as current leadership nears retirement
  2. Succession planning was a large focus at the directors' meeting
  3. There is a commitment by the Network
  4. Track entry-level personnel for new increased leadership opportunities

E. Board of Director's & Network Strategic Plan

  1. What's completed and what are the next steps?

VII. Decision was made to write a letter to the Board

A. Motion was made and seconded. Unanimously approved

B. Topics of interest:

  1. MTARS
  2. Succession planning
  3. Focus on minority institutions
  4. Council representation
  5. We need to have a timeline in place