Pilot and Feasibility Studies on Oral Health Promotion Research across the Life Span

Submission Date: June 16, 2007

The total project period may not exceed two years. Direct costs are limited to $275,000 over an R21 two-year period, with no more than $200,000 in direct costs allowed in any single year.

This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) is intended to encourage preliminary data collection, pilot or feasibility studies on oral health promotion research directed at improving oral health across the lifespan. The study team must include health promotion, behavioral and/or social scientists. This research on prevention of oral diseases and/or their sequelae could focus in any of the following areas: 1) maternal and child health, 2) adolescent and young adult health and 3) the health of adults with complex diseases in the general population or in subgroups of the population with health disparities. The collection of preliminary data, pilot and/or feasibility research would include epidemiological, social, behavioral and environmental assessments for a specific oral disease or condition. These assessments can be done at a state, tribal or local level and will inform a subsequent full scale R01-type study on oral health promotion research. Such health promotion research will be expected to: a) apply or adapt existing behavioral or health promotion theories and planning research models to known risk factors and lifestyle aspects of oral diseases and conditions, b) promote optimal oral health of individuals, families and communities in the context of overall health and co-morbidities, and/or c) integrate oral health promotion into general health promotion programs.

For more information, visit the Oral Health Promotion Research webpage.