AUCD Statement on Passage of H.R. 5

July 19, 2013


pdf File ESEA Disability Provisions Side by Side.pdf (461KB) [download]


Statement of Kim Musheno, Director of Legislative Affairs,

House Passage of H.R. 5, the Student Success Act 

AUCD is deeply disappointed that the House passed an ESEA reauthorization bill that harms students with disabilities. H.R. 5 represents a significant step backward in the development of legislation to address achievement gaps among students and undermines the academic success of students with disabilities by significantly reducing performance expectations and dismissing the importance of highly qualified special educators who are well-trained to deliver instruction to this high-need population.

While we strongly supported Representative Cathy McMorris-Roger's (R-WA) amendment that would significantly improve accountability for students with disabilities, no amendment would be enough to fix the underlying bill.

AUCD reminds Representatives of the House that this legislation must serve the needs and promote the high academic achievement of all students, including those with disabilities. We strongly urge House education leaders to work with renewed commitment and thoughtful consideration towards a bill worthy of bipartisan support and more importantly, worthy of our nation's highly diverse student population.