Cross-Disciplinary Translational Research (2 mechanisms available)

Submission Date: June 16, 2007

The purpose of these Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA) are to foster research that furthers the translation of existing knowledge into treatment and treatment practice, or research that, in and of itself, will readily translate to clinical research or practice. These FOA are intended to encourage projects that provide tools and resources that serve as platforms for the development of effective prevention and treatment strategies.

  • R21/Exploratory Developmental
    Application Deadlines: June 16, 2007; October 16, 2007
    The total project period for an application submitted in response to this funding opportunity may not exceed two years. Direct costs are limited to $275,000 over an R21 two-year period, with no more than $200,000 in direct costs allowed in any single year.
  • R03/Small Research
    Application Deadlines: June 16, 2007; October 16, 2007
    Budgets for direct costs up to $50,000 per year and a project duration of up to two years may be requested for a maximum of $100,000 direct costs over a two-year project period