Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities: Get the Facts

May 20, 2013


pdf File CRPD One Pager.pdf (421KB) [download]

pdf File CRPD MythsFacts.pdf (291KB) [download]

pdf File CRPD Media Response.pdf (85KB) [download]

pdf File CRPD Disability Community Support.pdf (305KB) [download]

pdf File Veterans Support CRPD.pdf (73KB) [download]

The United States International Council on Disability (USICD) is leading the charge to see the CRPD ratified this year. Following a sad defeat in the Senate last December, we are ready to re-double our efforts to see the treaty passed. Check out these resources from USICD:


CPRD One Pager: Get all the facts in one page

CPRD Myths and Facts: Learn some of the misinformation being used against the treaty and learn the real facts.

Media Response: Many people were shocked that the Senate failed to ratify the treaty in December 2012. Read some of their responses.

The Disability Community Supports the Treaty: See a list of the disability organizations that support the treaty. Warning: the list is long!

Veterans Groups Support the Treaty: See a list of veterans organizations that support the treaty.