Nisonger Center (OH UCEDD/LEND) Hosts Second Annual Ohio MCH Training Programs Joint Poster Symposium

May 2, 2013

On April 2, 2013, the Nisonger Center (OH UCEDD-LEND) hosted the Ohio MCH Training Programs Joint Poster Symposium and panel discussion at The Ohio State University. Trainees and faculty from the LEND program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (OH UCEDD-LEND) and the University of Cincinnati, the Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics program at Case Western University, and the LEND program at Nisonger Center at The Ohio State University gathered to share and discuss their ideas and projects. To encourage collaboration and coordination across training programs and with state and national partners, the symposium included a number of invited guests:

  • Director John Martin from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
  • Dr. Jessica Foster from the Ohio Department of Health (the state Title V agency)
  • Ms. Jody Fisher from the State Implementation Grant for Improving Services for Children and Youth with ASD
  • Mr. Shawn Henry from the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence
  • Dr. Daniel Coury from the Autism Treatment Network (ATN) and Nationwide Children's Hospital
  • Ms. Crystal Pariseau from the Association of University Centers on Disability
  • Mr. Antwan Booker, legislative aide to Senator Charleta Tavares

Director John Martin from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities provided the keynote address and Ms. Crystal Pariseau from AUCD provided remarks encouraging trainees to continue to utilize the network connections made during their MCH training throughout their careers. The symposium also included a response panel and discussion. Panel members were Dr. Daniel Coury, Ms. Jody Fisher, Dr. Jessica Foster, and Mr. Shawn Henry. Panelists offered feedback and provided insights to future state and national research and policy agenda to trainees as they embark on the next phase of their MCH careers.

Trainee projects covered a range of topics, such as assistive technology, support needs of families, and evidence-based interventions. Below is a list of the titles and authors of the posters.


Ohio MCH Training Program Posters

Nisonger LEND Program

"A Community-Based Writing Program for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disability"
Erin Powers, BSSW

"Advocacy in Action: The Importance of a Neurodiverse Model of Mentoring"
Erin Powers, BSSW; Jennifer Knisley, BA; Cortney Drake, BA; Jennifer Marusic, MOT

"An Exploration of Telehealth in Ohio"
Isaac Aziramubera, BS; Julie Stefanski, BS; Erin Powers, BSSW

"Development of an Online Continuing Education Course on Mobile Technology"
Natalie Morrison, BA; Kelly Tanner, MOT, OTR/L; Jennifer Cullen, MEd; Ann Robinson, BS; Paula Rabidoux, PhD; Mary Jo Wendling, MOT, OTR/L

"Effects of Self-Graphing and Keyboarding Instruction on the Typing Speed of Young Adults with Disabilities"
Jennifer M. Cullen, MEd; Sheila R. Alber-Morgan, PhD; Evette Simmons-Reed, MA

"Engagement - Communication - Exploration: Developing and Evaluating a Classroom Art and Snack Time Intervention to Promote Social Participation and Play in Preschoolers"
Kathy Lawton, PhD; Jane Case-Smith, PhD; Megan Kelsey, BS; Kimberly Forehand, BS; Jennifer Marusic, MOT; Natalie Morrison, BA; Dana Saltzman, BS; Emily Gulley; Laura Brignole

"Evidence-Based Interventions for Challenging Behaviors in Children with Autism"
Rose Nevill, MA; Kelly Tanner, MOT, OTR/L


"Parental Satisfaction and Acceptability of Recommendations in a University-based Diagnostic Clinic"
Leslie Markowitz, PsyD; Julie Stefanski, BS; Thalia Farietta, BA; Andrea Witwer, PhD

"Promoting Healthy Fitness and Nutrition Lifestyle Habits among Adults with Developmental Disabilities through Community Programs"
Megan Kelsey, BS; Sarah Hendershot, PT, DPT; Thalia Farietta, BA; Kendall Leser, MS; Marcia Nahikian-Nelms, PhD, RD, LD, CNSC; Helen Carey, PT, MHS, PCS

"Using iPads for Self-Directed Video Prompting to Teach Technology Skills to Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities"
Jessica Middaugh, BS; Jennifer Cullen, MEd; Evette Simmons-Reed, MA; Toi VanHorn, BA; Margo V. Izzo, PhD

"Video Prompting Technology: An Innovative Means to Teach Functional Skills to Individuals with Disabilities"
Jennifer M. Cullen, MEd; Lindy Weaver, MOT, OTR/L


Cincinnati LEND Program

"Aging in Down Syndrome: Behavioral Profiles of Psychopathology and Dementia"
Joseph Amaral, MS, MA; Anna Esbensen, PhD; Emily Johnson, MA; Ryan Macks, PhD; Christine Tan, MS

"Every Vote Counts: Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Voter Training Technology"
Sara Bitter, JD;,Stephanie Bowman, BS; Zach Goble, MS; Brady Sellet; Sandra Grether, PhD, CCC-SLP; Lizanne Mulligan, PhD

"Evidence Based Interventions for Improving Interpersonal Skills in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder"
Besuner, P., Burkett, K., Dupont, N., Fowler, A., Harpster, K., Mellott, E., Villalba, T.

"Training Teachers of Young Children the Principles and Skills of Applied Behavior Analysis"
Stephanie Weber, PsyD; Kimberly Kroeger-Geoppinger, PsyD; Beth Bishop, MOTR/L; Ashley Shier, MEd; Allison Stepp, BS

"Understanding Health Care Transition for Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities: A Family and Professional Perspective"
Julie Dunford, BS; Alison Heinekamp, OTR/L; Allison Moffett, LSW; Verity Rodrigues, PhD; Amie Duncan, PhD; Ilka Riddle, PhD

"Understanding the Needs of Families of Children Who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing with a Co-Existing Autism Spectrum Disorder"
Susan Wiley, Lisa Hunter, Jareen Meinzen-Derr, Katie Bentley, Rebekah Hudock, Dora Murphy, Tanishia Williams


DBP-Case Western Reserve

"Caregiver Perspectives on Barriers to Care in Childhood ADHD: Opportunities to Improve Care"
Elizabeth Diekroger, MD; H. Gerry Taylor, PhD; Nancy Roizen, MD; Kurt Stange, MD, PhD

For additional information on these projects, please contact the authors.

Photos clockwise from the top left: Kelly Tanner (Nisonger LEND) & Elizabeth Diekroger (DBP Fellow); Antwan Booker (Senator Tavares'Office) & Cincinnati LEND Trainee Sara Bitter ; Erin Powers (NisongerLEND) & Brenda Smith Myles (OCALI); Lindy Weaver (Nisonger LEND) & Karen Ratliff-Schaub (Nisonger LEND Faculty);Jennifer Cullen (Nisonger LEND) & Ryan Macks (Cincinnati LEND Faculty)