2013 Readers' Choice Award Winner: Florida Center for Inclusive Communities

April 10, 2013

Website Link  http://specialchildren.about.com/od/RCA-2013-GAT/tp/Finalist-FCIC.htm

Elizabeth Perkins, Associate Director and Research Assistant Professor at the Florida Center for Inclusive Communities, was asked if she had a message for the fans who made it the Favorite Special-Needs Regional Resource winner, and she wrote:

"We are truly humbled by the support of everyone who took the time to vote for the Florida Center for Inclusive Communities. Thank you all for helping FCIC's website to become an About.com Reader's Choice award winner. It is a badge of honor that we will wear with pride!"

About Florida Center for Inclusive Communities

The FCIC is a University Center of Excellence for Developmental Disabilities, engaged in research, education, and service. We are located at the University of South Florida in Tampa. We are committed to promoting our vision that all individuals with developmental disabilities will have the freedom, responsibility, authority, and support to live 4 self-determined lives. Full inclusion and participation in society remains our goal. Learn more about FCIC on their website here.