Guam CEDDERS Celebrates 20 Years

April 4, 2013

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pdf File Annual Report & 20 Year Reflection (4,099KB) [download]

From Heidi San Nicolas' Director's Message:

February 14, 2013 marks the 20th Anniversary of the University of Guam Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service (Guam CEDDERS) as a nationally designated Center of Excellence. We are thrilled to be celebrating the strengths and capacity of Guam CEDDERS to address the area of disability through interdisciplinary training, technical assistance and clinical support, research and evaluation, and dissemination of high quality publications, materials, and information. We have, from 1993-2013, touched an entire generation of individuals. Those born in 1993 are now in the workforce, or are in the process of completing college degrees.

Guam CEDDERS is a dynamic, everchanging, collaborative organization with the singular vision of enhancing the quality of life for those with developmental disabilities. Guam CEDDERS values mutual respect and stays focused. Organizationally we are resilient, have the courage and passion to tackle big issues, and are absolutely tenacious in our quest to pursue both excellence and equity. What makes Guam CEDDERS effective is the outstanding quality and commitment of our entire staff, and the manner in which each contributes to the whole of the organization and to our shared mission which is: In partnership with individuals with disabilities and their families, agencies, organizations, and service providers, the Guam CEDDERS creates pathways that enhance, improve, and support the quality of life of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

In this report, you will find a synopsis of Guam CEDDERS's major outcomes over the past 20 years including success in leveraging more than 100 million dollars in funding to support training, technical assistance, research and dissemination of information that has impacted individuals, families, schools, agencies, service providers, clinicians, community members, and policy makers. Review our timeline of major impacts, and celebrate with us as we summarize overall achievements that we believe have increased the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities on Guam and in the Pacific region. As we renew our commitment for the next decade, we look forward to your continued support, collaboration, and partnership as we continue our journey, expand our legacy, strive to even higher levels of excellence, and stay true to our mission over the coming decades.