2007 Report to AUCD Board of Directors

February 8, 2007

Activities of the Council at the Annual Meeting and during this period have addressed the following:

Election Rresults

  • Lann Thompson, EdD (Indiana) is chair-elect for 2007-2008. He will serve on the CIS steering committee until he takes office as chair.
  • Web Master for new AUCD website is Dalice Hertzberger (Colorado)
  • Discussions and revisions of the draft for an AUCD definition of Interdisciplinary Practice (attached is final draft for Board review)from Paul White (Wisconsin) and David Schaad (Wyoming). Talking Paper to be faxed for inclusion in the Board Book.
  • Sue Olsen (Utah) and Lou Ann Rinner (Kansas) will be involved in the Clinical Reimbursement Group.
  • Dalice Hertzberger (Colorado) will be on the MCH Interdisciplinary Practice definition group.
  • Stephanie Adams (Kentucky) and Debbie Reinhartsen (North Carolina) will participate in the Augmentative Technology Communication Task Force with Greg Hedman, chair (Illinois).
  • Minor changes were made to the by-laws. (See Annual Meeting notes)

In Process

  • Updating present and new appointments to the committee from the Centers
  • February/March Conference call for total membership (with a specific topic) being planned by the steering committee
  • Developing strategies to recruit student participation on the council


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Hanley, PhD, Chair