MCHB/HRSA Autism Awareness Month Activities

March 28, 2013

MCHB/HRSA Autism Awareness Month Activities


April is Autism Awareness Month


Webinar: Autism Spectrum Disorders: Family Support and Involvement

When: Thurs, April 4, 12:30-1:30 EDT (Next Week!!)


Presentation 1: The Colorado Parent Mentoring Program: Comprehensive Support for Families Newly Diagnosed with Autism

·  The Colorado Parent Mentoring Program is an innovative approach to providing families with greater support following the diagnosis of their child's autism. It includes individualized parent action planning and education and ongoing parent-to-parent mentoring.  This webinar will describe the need for such programs, the program itself, and preliminary results.

Presenters:  Cordelia Robinson Rosenberg, PhD, RN, & Eric Moody, PhD,

University of Colorado Denver


Presentation 2: The Power of Family Voices in Creating and Sustaining Systems Change

·  This presentation will discuss strategies and lessons learned for improving state systems through the incorporation of diverse family involvement, support, and empowerment at multiple levels.  The Community of Care Consortium has integrated family engagement and leadership throughout its infrastructure, work groups, and activities.

Presenter:  Diana MTK Autin, Esq., Statewide Parent Advocacy Network

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Webinar: Expediting Detection of Autism Risk and Intervention Access

When: Mon, April 8, 1-2 pm EDT


·  This webinar will define numerous barriers to the early detection of ASD and describe a variety of tools and procedures developed at the Kennedy Krieger Center for Autism and Related Disorders to address these barriers.  Also, resources developed for families and children showing early signs of ASD, or with recent ASD diagnosis, will be described.

Presenters: Rebecca Landa, PhD, & Jennifer Sharpless, CCC-SLP, Kennedy Krieger Institute

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Webinar: Screening, Early Diagnosis, and Early Intervention

When: Wed, April 24, 2-3 pm EDT


Presentation 1: Coordination of Evaluation and Early Intervention among Early Childhood Professionals and Diagnosticians

·  This presentation describes quality improvement activities undertaken in Maine to improve early identification and intervention by increasing coordination and communication between medical diagnosticians and early childhood providers. 

Presenter: Nancy Cronin, MA, Maine Developmental Disabilities Council


Presentation 2: Collaborative Efforts to Improve Access and Care for Children at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders

·  This presentation focuses on three efforts in Massachusetts designed to improve access and care: (a) approval for reimbursement for developmental screening through insurance companies; (b) a new triage mechanism which has led to decreased wait times for specialty evaluations; and (c) development of an email messaging service for families in the first year following diagnosis.

Presenter: Leonard Rappaport, MD, MS, Boston Children's Hospital

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HRSA/MCHB Autism Awareness Booth

When: Tues, April 2, 8:30-2pm, 5th floor lobby area, Parklawn Building