Sharing Technology Across the AUCD Network

March 8, 2013

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As part of Council for Interdisciplinary Service's (CIS) goal to promote collaborative actions across the network in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of service delivery, members of CIS along with AUCD developed a CIS Blog to further disseminate the results from the technology survey.  This blogs focuses on technology and highlights programs across the country that are using technology in new and creative ways.  You can view the CIS Blog at

CIS is  currently seeking members who are interested in sharing their technology stories and experiences though the CIS blog.  Contributing to the blog has been made easy and a format has been created for contributors to follow.  CIS has provided a number of thoughtful questions that ask all contributors to share detailed information about their experiences.

Do you have a new technology your center has recently tried?  Do you use a form of technology in your center's activities that allow you to do things not previously possible?  Have you done research on a new type of technology or promising practice?  Have you been exposed to new assistive technologies that allow for greater integration into community living?  Is there a phone app that everyone in the AUCD network should know about?  Have you recently written or published an article on best practices with some form of technology?   We want your stories!  Technology, gadgets, AT, apps, etc. Help make our blog rich with best practices, innovative practices, and hands on strategies that can benefit members of the AUCD network along with their constituents and community partners.

Please direct your input or questions to [email protected]