SC Assistive Technology Program at the Unversity of South Carolina School of Medicine (SC UCEDD/LEND) Solves Problems and Changes Lives

January 19, 2013

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Paula has cerebral palsy, making movement very difficult. Often, the staff at her care center would change the television channel to shows they preferred to watch, leaving Paula without a say.

That's where assistive technology came in. Carol Page and staff helped Paula find the perfect size remote control so that she could control the TV.

"The difference that made in her life when she could choose her own TV programs - I'll never forget that smile," Page said.

Paula's story is just one of many. The S.C. Assistive Technology Program, which Page directs through the School of Medicine, provides help to any person in South Carolina with a disability by finding technology solutions for many obstacles. In the program's resource center there are toys to help children with literacy problems, books with sponges on the corners to help individuals who cannot turn pages, forks and spoons with modifications for individuals with motor control problems and of course, computers and software for a variety of disabilities.

Assistive technology can be anything from complex software or specialty computers to modified, everyday household items, essentially anything that will improve, increase or maintain functional capabilities. And Page and her team help individuals with disabilities pinpoint what can make their lives easier. (Continue reading at the URL above.)