AUCD 2012 - Training Symposium: Scaling Up Efforts to Promote Self-Determination

December 3, 2012

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doc File Session Agenda and Speakers (39KB) [download]

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pdf File Ten Steps in Independence (651KB) [download]

pdf File UCEDD S-D Self-Assessment Checklist (4,857KB) [download]

The purpose of this symposium is to train UCEDD and LEND Training Directors, faculty, and staff how to scale up efforts to promote self-determination using products developed by the National Gateway to Self-Determination (NGSD). The symposium was a four-part training focusing on the following areas: 1) An overview of self-determination; 2) an in-depth review of the NGSD website, resources, and products; 3) Strategies to infuse these products into UCEDD and LEND training and program activities; and 4) Technical assistance with scaling up efforts to promote self-determination across multiple adult outcome domains (e.g., employment, community living, health, etc.).


  • Dr. Carl Calkins; Institute for Human Development (UCEDD): University of Missouri, Kansas City
  • Dr. Michael Wehmeyer; Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)
  • Dr. Andy Bacon; Westchester Institute for Human Development (UCEDD)
  • Dr. Tamar Heller; University of Illinois, Chicago, (UCEDD)
  • Dr. Hill Walker; University of Oregon (UCEDD)