Artwork Showcase

November 30, 2012

Arts play an important role for people with disabilities. With emotional, physical, cognitive and social benefits, the creative process of art making has a positive and helpful impact on the lives of people with disabilities. When other types of communication may be challenging, art can facilitate the expression of thoughts and feelings in a powerful manner.

To showcase the innovations and contributions of people with disabilities to the arts field, AUCD has included in our 2012 Conference a presentation of photographs of artwork created by people with disabilities. Thank you to all artists and centers for the pictures submitted in response to our Call for Art by People with Disabilities!  Join us in appreciating their creations:

  • visit one of three computer kiosks during the conference for a video and audio guided presentation of just some of the artwork submitted
  • view the video and audio presentation here through Adobe Connect or through YouTube here
  • view photos of select submitted art here on Flickr