Act Early Alabama Team Reaches Across the State - UAB LEND

November 14, 2012

The UAB LEND continues their work in supporting the "Learn the Signs, Act Early" campaign in the state of Alabama. Dr. Sarah O'Kelley, clinical psychologist and LEND interdisciplinary training coordinator, helps lead a statewide work group focused on early recognition and referral of individuals at risk for ASD/DD. The "Act Early Alabama" team has already developed and disseminated state-specific LTSAE materials through a number of partnerships and agencies across the state with the support of CDC and AMCHP funding.

One of our proudest accomplishments occurred in August when Dr. O'Kelley and Dr. Angie Barber (from The University of Alabama) presented a free webinar focused on early recognition and referral for ASD that included state-specific information and resources, with over 900 participants watching the live event. This Webinar is archived with CEUs available for several disciplines for 2 years at: Ongoing efforts include developing a state Act Early website and continuing to conduct regional trainings on the early signs of ASD throughout Alabama.