December Updates from MCHB-HRSA

November 14, 2012

Laura Kavanagh, MPP
Laura Kavanagh, MPP

Welcome to this inaugural issue of Developments, the CAAI newsletter, and greetings from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)!  

Exchanging information between CAAI grantees has been a priority of the CAAI program since its outset in 2008, and I am very pleased about this new newsletter.  We're using a variety of methods to ensure that you are aware of the lessons learned through CAAI investments, the two funded resource centers (ITAC and SPHARC), various grantee meetings, numerous webinars, toolboxes and other tools, and more.  We want to be sure that you have access to the latest research findings, training approaches, and state program priorities in the area of autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.  All current investments are also highlighted on our web site,

We at MCHB have several news items to share with you.  First, the Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Training Program competition recently concluded, and results will be announced later this fiscal year.  Second, in the Spring of 2013 we also plan to compete two other CAAI programs, autism research and state demonstration grants, and these program announcements will appear on,, we were pleased to see research findings from multiple HRSA-supported autism research grants recently published in a Pediatrics Supplement, (Pediatrics, November 2012, VOLUME 130, Issue Supplement 2).  

Please let us know if you find this new newsletter helpful in communicating and sharing information, and provide feedback as to how we can improve it over time.  I hope to see you soon.