NEI Career Transition Award

Submission Date: June 12, 2007

The total period of support for the NEI Scholars Program is up to five years. Annual direct costs up to $100,000 will be provided; the extramural institution will be reimbursed indirect costs at 8% of modified total direct costs

The purpose of the National Eye Institute (NEI) Career Transition Award is to enable outstanding individuals to establish an independent research program in vision research and to secure an appointment in an academic institution in the United States.  This is accomplished in a two-phase award program.  The Scholar Development Phase provides up to three years of mentored career development training in an NEI Intramural Research Program (IRP) laboratory.  The Faculty Transition Phase provides up to two years of research support at an extramural institution to which the Scholar has been recruited as an independent faculty member.  The NIH Office of Dietary Supplements will collaborate with the NEI in supporting Scholars whose research involves dietary interventions or risk factors which affect visual system diseases, disorders, or development.

To learn more, visit the NEI Career Transition Award webpage.