In Memoriam: Daniel Friedman, MPA

November 9, 2012

Daniel Friedman, MPA, Associate Director of the Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC), the clinical arm of the Rose F. Kennedy UCEDD at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, passed away last night after a long and valiant struggle against pancreatic cancer. Liz, his wife, let us know that his death was peaceful and that he was surrounded by his family at home.

For more than 34 years, Dan has been the guiding light and the heart and soul of the UCEDD, our LEND program, and of CERC. He loved, respected and cared deeply about our staff, and, equally importantly, he loved, respected and cared about the children and adults who sought services at our center.

Although arrangements have not yet been finalized, Dan's funeral will occur on Sunday, November 11. Details will follow as they become available.

There will never be another Dan Friedman; the mold was broken when this one was created. Although his passing leaves a deep abyss at our UCEDD, Dan felt strongly that our center needed to continue to do what we've always done: provide excellent services to individuals who need us and their families, while serving New York City and our surrounding community. We will carry on, trying to fulfill this legacy.


AUCD joins Dr. Bob Marion, the CERC and Kennedy LEND & UCEDD family, and the entire network, in sending our condolences to Liz and the rest of Dan's family.