National Forum on Disability Issues 2012: Registration Open

August 13, 2012

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About the NFDI

As you know, the National Forum on Disability Issues is scheduled for Sept 28 in OH, and AUCD is one of the planners and supporters.  This is the ONLY presidential forum to focus specifically on disability issues.  We've invited President Obama and Governor Romney, as well as OH Senate candidates, to attend and share their views on issues such as health care and long term services, employment, education, and more for people with disabilities. 


The online Registration to attend the forum is now live.  If you're serious about attending in person, register today to secure one of only 500 seats available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you plan to attend via live free webcast, you must also register.  The Forum is FREE but you MUST register.

Invite the Candidates and Spread the Word

In order to get the candidates to accept the invitation, they need to hear from the public that this is an important event.  Please help by: 

  • Spread the Word with Social Media
    • Like the National Forum on Disability Issues Facebook page, and share updates with your friends
    • Follow @nfdi on Twitter, and retweet messages using #NFDI2012
  • Invite the Candidates
    • Send a personal or group video invitation to the candidates. (see for instructions) Keep it short and to the point. Be sure to include your home state. See the Forum webpage for ideas. Send videos to These videos will be posted on YouTube, Facebook and on the Forum webpage.
    • Write a letter to the Campaign Offices of President Obama, Governor Romney and if you are in Ohio to U.S. Senate Candidates Treasurer Josh Mandel and Senator Sherrod Brown. Tell them why the Forum and disability issues are important to you and to the disability community. Tell them that the forum will be the only national event to focus specifically on disability issues. Questions are expected to focus on "big picture" issues facing the broad disability community, such as employment, health care, long-term services and supports, education, transportation, housing, and research. Tell them that this is not a debate but a question and answer session professionally moderated.
    • Tell them that their answers are needed for you to decide your vote in November!

Remember, the candidates will not decide to participate in the Forum until the last minute and will only participate if they sense its importance to their election and the significance to people with disabilities and their families.

There are 57 million children and adults with disabilities in the United States. 14.7 million people with disabilities voted in the 2008 Presidential election. How many people with disabilities will the 2012 candidates hear from?