AUCD Welcomes 2012 Virtual Trainee, Stephanie Weber, PsyD

August 1, 2012

Stephanie Weber, PsyD
Stephanie Weber, PsyD

AUCD is pleased to announce Stephanie Weber as the 2012-2013 Virtual Trainee. Stephanie is a post-doctoral fellow in Psychology and a second-year LEND trainee at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. She obtained her Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree from the University of Indianapolis in Indiana in 2011 after completing internship at The Leo Kanner Center of The Devereux Foundation in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

As a second year LEND trainee, Stephanie will undertake her program's curriculum development and didactic teaching on topics related to the MCH Leadership Competencies of Policy/Advocacy and Conflict-Resolution & Negotiation. Additionally, she will lead a team of LEND trainees in carrying out a project to implement and evaluate an autism training for daycare providers in the local community. Stephanie has participated as a co-organizer for Ohio's first MCH Training joint poster session with the Nisonger LEND and Case Western Reserve (Ohio) DBP programs, and volunteered for the 2011 AUCD Conference. Stephanie also serves as co-chief of the Psychology Fellowship program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Stephanie completed her doctoral dissertation in the area of professional quality of life and has developed a passion for improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, their families, and the professionals who devote their careers to providing effective treatment to these families. She enjoys working with young children with autism as well as with children and adolescents demonstrating severe and challenging behaviors in clinical and educational settings. She participates on committees and within professional organizations which aim to increase collaboration within the community. Additionally, Stephanie participated in a LEND research project which focused on gathering information about the innovative strategies which states across the country are employing to fulfill the goals of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Learn the Signs. Act Early. campaign, which aims to increase awareness regarding early warning signs of developmental delay.