"What's Disability to Me?" New Disability-Themed Video Story Produced by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

August 1, 2012

Website Link  http://www.cdc.gov/NCBDDD/video/bernard/index.html

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is pleased to announce "What's Disability to Me?", a new disability-themed story. 

The Division of Human Development and Disability (DHDD) at CDC's National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) produced the 4 minute, 37 second video story that showcases Mr. Bernard Baker, a person with disabilities who fully participates in life.   Mr. Baker provides a first-person account of how people with disabilities can live happy, healthy lives and contribute to society in meaningful ways.

This video illustrates DHDD's focus on preventing disease and promoting equity in health of people with disabilities so they can live, work, play and go to school just like everyone else in their community.  DHDD works to ensure people with disabilities have access to, and are included in, mainstream health surveys, programs and policies wherever possible across their lifespan.  Essential disability and condition-specific programs and services are supported by DHDD when necessary. 

"What's Disability to Me?" is one in a series of disability-themed videos in support of the first-ever World Report on Disability.  More videos are available through World Health Organization.