Dr. Robert Marion and Sheryl Dicker of the Rose F. Kennedy Center (NY UCEDD) Publish Article on ASD and the Juvenile System

July 30, 2012


pdf File judicial primer judges need to know about asd.pdf (146KB) [download]

This article aims to provide information to juvenile and family court judges to help them make effective decisions concerning children with ASD. Part I, written by a pediatrician and geneticist, will present an overview of medical knowledge concerning ASD, including its prevalence, how ASD is diagnosed, and its treatment and prognosis. Part II will review the federal cases involving ASD, with an emphasis on those involving the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), because it will help judges craft orders for services. Part III will provide an in-depth look at the few published appellate family law cases involving children with ASD, and will apply the medical and legal information to issues that have or may arise in child protection, custody, visitation, juvenile delinquency, and child support cases. Finally, the Appendix contains resources including a checklist that can help courts gather information to assist in tailoring court orders and rendering decisions on ASD cases.