Former Trainee Alicia Curran Joins MoLEND as the Family Faculty

June 29, 2012

Alicia Curran, BS Elementary Education, was recently added as the family faculty for the MoLEND.  Alicia initially connected with the program when her family volunteered to have a trainee shadow them.  The trainee matched with the Curran family "recruited" Alicia to apply as a family trainee; she was ultimately selected and finished the program in May 2012, when she began her employment with MoLEND. 

Alicia is currently working toward her Master's in Special Education with an emphasis in Autism.  She is a member of several groups for parents of children with autism; and in addition, is a Parent Partner on the local Autism Treatment Network Collaborative Team.  She brings a great deal of expertise and enthusiasm as shown by this YouTube video she created titled, "Unknown".