Revised Draft MCH Training Strategic Plan Goals and Strategies: Comments Requested

June 19, 2012


pdf File 2012 0614 mch str plan draft4.pdf (404KB) [download]

From MCHB:

We are pleased to present the next iteration of the National Plan for MCH Training 2012-2020 draft goals and strategies for the broader MCH Community.

Your insightful comments and recommendations submitted to the National Strategic Plan website were very much appreciated.  The attached version of the draft plan reflects changes developed as a result of our new MCHB leadership and structure as well as your comments.

Please take a moment to review the brief 2-page summary of the draft MCH Training goals and strategies for the broader MCH community.  We welcome your comments via email to Jennifer Rogers until July 19.

We have begun developing MCH Training-specific objectives to align with the draft goals.  We will continue to refine these as we receive your comments on the goals/strategies and we look forward to sharing draft MCH Training-specific objectives with you by late summer.  Your ongoing support and participation in the development of the plan is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


Laura Kavanagh, MPP

Director, Division of MCH Workforce Development

Maternal and Child Health Bureau