ACA Facts: Workforce Provisions: Cultural Competency and Dentistry Training

October 30, 2012

Workforce Provisions: Cultural Competency and Dentistry Training

The ACA amends the Public Health Services Act to add training for public health dentistry, cultural competency, and support and ensure access of individuals to community-based services. Under the general, pediatric, and public health dentistry provision, grants may be awarded to various non-profit entities and hospitals to carry out various activities that include, providing financial assistance to dentistry students (including creation of a loan repayment program), and providing TA to pediatric training programs on dental care needs for underserved children. Further, pursuant to the cultural competency provision, grants and cooperative agreements are available for research and projects focused on providing training in the following areas: cultural competency, prevention, public health proficiency, reducing health disparities, and aptitude for working with individuals with disabilities. Find more on the specific details of each provision (and many more regarding various training initiatives and loan forgiveness programs) here.