John Moeschler, MD, MS (NH LEND) Named 2012 New Hampshire Pediatrician of the Year

May 28, 2012

The New Hampshire Pediatric Society recently named Dr. John Moeschler as the 2012 New Hampshire Pediatrician of the Year. A professor of pediatrics at Dartmouth Medical School and Director of Clinical Genetics at Children's Hospital at Dartmouth, he is cited for his 20 year tenure as director of the New Hampshire Leadership Education in Developmental and Related Disabilities (NH LEND). NH LEND is a collaboration of Dartmouth Medical School, University of New Hampshire and University of Maine.

Dr. Moeschler is a noted teacher, lecturer, and writer. His research interests include the causes of intellectual and developmental disabilities and the development of systems to support the medical care of affected children. He has written guidelines to help pediatricians evaluate children with developmental delay or intellectual disabilities.