2012 AUCD UCEDD Directors Retreat and ADD TA Institute

June 13, 2012


pdf File TA Institute 2012 Agenda.pdf (75KB) [download]

pdf File Directors Retreat 2012 Agenda.pdf (346KB) [download]

The 2012 UCEDD Directors Retreat and AIDD TA Institute were held June 13-15 in Bethesda, MD. Materials from the meeting are available on this page. 

Materials from Directors Retreat

AUCD Association Updates

AUCD Association Priorities

AUCD Legislative Update


Materials from TA Institute

AIDD Updates - Presentation

AUCD TA Updates

UCEDD Annual Reporting Updates - Presentation


  • National Disability Rights Network - panel presentation and breakout notes
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services - panel presentation and breakout notes
  • Department of Justice and HHS Office on Civil Rights - breakout notes


Affordable Care Act and Dually Eligible Beneficiaries

  • National Council on Disability Letter and Report on Managed Care for People with Disabilities



Preparatory Reading Materials for TA Institute

To prepare for the 2012 TA Institute we encourage attendees to read the following background briefs on key topic areas which will be discussed at the Institute. 

ACA Implementation: Dual Eligible Beneficiaries:



Aging and Disability Communities Partnership: