RTOI Publications

A Research Topic of Interest (RTOI) is a specific research area of significance identified by NCBDDD. RTOIs develop and implement projects in public health and disabilities research concerning best practices and services for individuals with birth defects, developmental disabilities, and special health care needs. Below are peer reviewed publications that have resulted from RTOI projects. 

2007 RTOIs

Brighter Tomorrows: Transforming Existing Down Syndrome Professional Educational Tools for Broader Dissemination and Use
PI: Harold Kleinert, EdD, University of Kentucky,

Ferguson, J.E. II, Kleinert, H.L., Lunney, C.A., & Campbell, L.R. (2006). Resident physicians' competencies and attitudes in delivering a postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Obstetrics and Gynecology, 108(4), 898-905.

Kleinert, H.L., Lunney, C.A., Campbell, L., & Ferguson, J.E. II (2009). Improving residents' understanding of issues, attitudes, and patient needs regarding screening for and diagnosing Down syndrome. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 201(3): 328, e1-6.

Lunney, C.A., Kleinert, H.L., Ferguson, J.E. II, & Campbell, L. (2012). Effectively training pediatricians to deliver diagnoses of Down syndrome. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A, 158A(2): 384-390.

Impact of Hearing Loss and Comorbidity on Virginia's Children and Families
PI: Kathleen Bodisch Lynch, PhD, Partnership for People with Disabilities, Virginia Commonwealth University

Chapman, D., Stampfel, C.C., Bodurtha, J.N., Dodson, K.M., Pandya, A., Lynch, K.B., Kirby, R.S. (2011). Impact of co-occurring birth defects on the timing of newborn hearing screening and diagnosis. American Journal of Audiology, 20, 132-139.

Lessons from Hurricane Katrina and Rita
PI: Laura Stough, PhD, Texas A&M University

Stough, L.M., Sharp, A.N., Decker, C., Wilker, N. (2010). Disaster case management and individuals with disabilities. Rehabilitation Psychology,55(3), 211-220.


2009 RTOIs

School Age Outcomes of Children With Hearing Loss
PI: Betty Vohr, MD, Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities

Topol, D., Girard, N., St. Pierre, L., Tucker, R., Vohr, B. (2011). The effects of maternal stress and child language ability on behavioral outcomes of children with congenital hearing loss at 18-24 months. Early Human Development, 87(12), 807-811.

Vohr, B., Jodoin-Krauzyk, J., Tucker, R., Johnson, M.J., Topol, D., Ahlgren, M. (2008). Early language outcomes of early-identified infants with permanent hearing loss at 12 to 16 months of age. Pediatrics, 122(3), 535-544.

Vohr, B., Jodoin-Krauzyk, J., Tucker, R., Johnson, M.J., Topol, D., Ahlgren, M. (2008). Results of newborn screening for hearing loss: effects on the family in the first 2 years of life. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent medicine, 162(3), 205-211.

Vohr, B., Topol, D., Girard, N., St. Pierre, L., Watson, V., Tucker, R. (in press). Language outcomes and service provision of preschool children with congenital hearing loss. Early Human Development. Retrieved from http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.earlhumdev.2011.12.007

Vohr, B., Tucker, R., St. Pierre, L., Topol, D., Jodoin-Krauzyk, J., Bloome, J. (2010). Association of maternal communicative behavior with child vocabulary at 18-24 months for children with congenital hearing loss. Early Human Development, 86(4), 255-260.