Connecting Students to Learning: ICI's Check & Connect (MN UCEDD)

March 30, 2012

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To prevent school dropout among K-12 students, in 1995 the Institute on Community Integration, Minnesota's UCED, launched Check & Connect, a research-based intervention to increase student engagement at school and with learning. Now, Check & Connect has launched an expanded suite of training and consultation options, its staff are conducting new large-scale research studies on its efficacy, and its new Web site has been unveiled.

Since its inception, the Check & Connect model has been implemented in 27 states and internationally. Ongoing studies have demonstrated a number of positive results for participating students, including:

  • As a sustained intervention, Check & Connect improves enrollment, attendance, and odds of graduation for students who are disengaged and at risk of dropout.
  • For students with emotional/behavioral disabilities, Check & Connect improves persistence, enrollment, access to relevant educational services, student involvement in IEP transition planning, and attendance.
  • For elementary students experiencing tardiness and absences, Check & Connect improves regular attendance.

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