MCHB/AUCD LEND Pediatric Audiology Training Meeting

March 22, 2012

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Since 2009, AUCD has partnered with LEND programs to expand and augment pediatric audiology training efforts. Through the LEND Pediatric Audiology Training Program, eleven (11) LEND programs have expanded their audiology curriculum to include greater didactic contact, clinical experience and leadership activities in pediatric audiology. Funding for the Pediatric Audiology Program is made possible through the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) of the Health Resources and Services Administration's (HRSA).

In order to promote collaboration among funded programs, and support all LEND programs as they face challenges and opportunites in pediatric audiology, AUCD organized a face-to-face meeting just prior to the start of the EHDI conference in St. Louis. Invited participants included LEND Pediatric Audiology Project Directors, LEND audiologists and LEND audiology trainees.

For meeting results, handouts and a summary of the small group discussions, visit the AUCD event webpage

EHDI Conference

In its 11th year, the EHDI Meeting has built a strong reputation for bringing together a wide variety of attendees including those who: work in state Early Hearing Detection and Intervention programs; assist in EHDI efforts on the federal level; provide screening, diagnostic and early intervention support at the state/ local level to young children with hearing loss and their families; champion Medical Home activities within each state; are parents of children with hearing loss; or are deaf or hard-of-hearing adults who are helping to expand opportunities for young children with hearing loss. EHDI Meeting participants will range from state and local programs to the federal level and from academics to families. For more information visit