Michigan UCEDD Launches Possibilities Video Series with Gala Event

February 28, 2012

The Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI) at Wayne State University hosted a gala event at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) the evening of Friday, January 13, 2012 to launch the Institute's new video series entitled Possibilities.  The event attracted over 400 people from all walks of life and professional disciplines.  The night was highlighted by a viewing of the four Possibilities videos.

The four films in the series tell the story of four individuals with disabilities who are at different points in their lives.  Each person and their families explain how they began, progressed, and arrived at their current point in life and the obstacles they have overcome to get there.  The purpose of the Possibilities Series is to present examples of how individuals with disabilities and their families can lead the lives that they envision, without barriers and in the direction they truly wish to go.  The hope is that these 5-minute films are viewed and used for IEP or PCP meeting, or by anyone striving to live a self-determined life.

The films were created by Larry August and his wonderful team at Avalon Films in Royal Oak, Michigan and brought to fruition by the vision that DDI and its Director, Dr. Barbara LeRoy, have for all persons with disabilities and their families.  To view the Possibilities films, or to request a DVD copy of the pieces, please visit the DDI website at http://ddi.wayne.edu/possibilities.php or email us at DDI@wayne.edu for details. Please note that DVD copies are free if anyone wishes to request them.