Kaiser Updates Its Comprehensive Online Database of Medicaid Benefits in the 50 States

February 3, 2012

Website Link  http://medicaidbenefits.kff.org/index.jsp

As reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation, this online tool contains Medicaid benefits data for adults covered under fee-for-service, with information about benefits covered, limits, co-payments and reimbursement methodologies. Other years for which data are available include 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2008. The tool allows users to pull up detailed profiles of which benefits are covered in a given state's Medicaid program, and also to see how a particular benefit is covered across all states. Categories of acute care benefits tracked in the database include institutional and clinic services, practitioner services, prescription drugs, physical therapy and other services, and transportation services. In long-term care, the database tracks community-based care and institutional care.