Welcome to AUCD's 2011 Virtual Trainee, Jody Pirtle, M.Ed. (AZ LEND & Sonoran UCEDD)

September 7, 2011

AUCD is pleased to announce Jody Pirtle as the 2011-2012 Virtual Trainee.  Jody is eager to foster communication and collaboration among trainees throughout the AUCD network by facilitating the Trainee Listserv, posting to the AUCD Trainees page on Facebook, as well as initiate face-to-face meetings at the AUCD Conference and Disability Policy Seminar.  Jody will be contributing to several new trainee initiatives at AUCD which will be posted on AUCD Trainee webpage. Jody has a number of exciting efforts already underway and AUCD is excited for this year's trainees to form a supportive and interactive network.

Jody brings a wealth of leadership experience to the Virtual Trainee position,  She is currently a LEND/UCEDD trainee at the University of Arizona.  She is completing her PhD in Disability and Psychoeducational Studies.  Her undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education and her master's degree is in Special Education.

Jody currently collaborates with families, pediatricians, community members, and public school district personnel to assist in creating a rural medical home. As a former special educator, Jody holds a deep passion and commitment to providing quality services, especially for families of children with severe and multiple disabilities, including autism. Her research agenda includes studying the effects of family involvement as well as the effects of community, medical, and familial collaboration on the developmental outcomes for young children with disabilities.

Jody has taught both in elementary schools, as well as at the university level.  She has many scholarly articles, professional/academic honors and awards, as well as presented her research at a variety of conferences.  She is in the process of becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), as well as receiving a certificate as an Autism Specialist and Early Childhood Special Education.  She is certified to teach in elementary schools (K-8), Cross Categorical Special Education (K-12), teaching children and adolescents who have a severe/profound disability (K-12), and has a certificate in Application of Assistive Technology.

Please join us in welcoming Jody.  She can be reached via email at virtualtrainee@aucd.org.