Health Disparities Chart Book Published by the NH UCEDD

September 8, 2011

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The Health Disparities Chart Book on Disability and Racial and Ethnic Status in the United States answers the question of whether working age (18-64) people with disabilities in the United States experience health disparities similar to those experienced by members of racial and ethnic minority groups in the United States.  Because of the perception that disability is solely an aging phenomenon, we limited our analysis to people of working age. Relatively little research has been conducted comparing the health of people with disabilities to that of people from racial and ethnic minority groups. However, research has consistently documented that, as a group, people with disabilities experience worse health than the general population. Specifically, people with a variety of physical and cognitive disabilities are more likely to experience poorer health status, potentially preventable secondary conditions, chronic conditions, and early deaths. The report is based on a presentation requested by the Interagency Committee on Disability Research (ICDR) in 2010.


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