'Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities' Special Issue on Employment First: An Essential Strategy

July 29, 2011

Website Link  http://www.aaiddjournals.org/toc/mere/49/4

The August issue of AAIDD's Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is guest edited by William E. Kiernan (University of Massachusetts-Boston) and David Mank (Indiana University) and contains six articles and three perspectives on employment as not only a pathway to economic self-sufficiency but crucial to social relationships, community credibility, and meaningful activities.

At the heart of this special issue are the presumptions that (a) all individuals can, or should, be provided with opportunities to work; (b) the policies, procedures, and practices (Employment First) place the focus on employment; (c) the desired outcome is competitive integrated employment; and (d) the goal is parity in the labor force participation rates for persons with and those without disabilities."

(full text of all articles available at no cost with AAIDD member subscription to IDD)