Ohio State University Nisonger Center's Johnstown Road Dental Clinic Appears on the Front Cover of Fronteras

June 24, 2011

The Ohio State University Nisonger Center's Johnstown Road Dental Clinic appears on the cover and in a story on page 7 of the June 16-20, 2011, edition of The Columbus Dispatch "Fronteras" weekly Spanish newspaper. The title of the article, "Asistencia dental para niños disponible," translates as "Dental help for children with disabilities."

The Johnstown Road clinic serves underserved children who would otherwise not receive care or receive emergency care only. This includes low-income and Hispanic children, who have significantly more dental disease than the general population.

The Johnstown Road clinic provides comprehensive dental services for young preschool and early school-age children with and without developmental disabilities through age 21. The current service population is about 70 percent Hispanic, the fastest-growing population in Central Ohio. The clinic provides community outreach through screenings and presentations to preschool and school-age programs in the community.

Dr. Diego Solis, pediatric dentist and interim director of the Nisonger Dental Program, said, "This article will surely bring more patients into our dental home."

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