2002-2005 NSIP Accomplishments: Pennsylvania UCLID

October 15, 2005

Project Director: Jennifer Angelo

Focus area and target population

Learn & Serve America, students with disabilities

Local & National Organizations and networks impacted

Since the UCLID has had a NSIP mini-grant, four new relationships have been established. The first relationship is between UCLID faculty and City Connections, the Pittsburgh Public Schools Program for Students with Exceptionalities. The second relationship is with KEYS Service Corps, Americorp National Service Network. The third relationship is with the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN). The fourth relationship is with the Vocational Education Training Program with Learning Supports. This vocational training program is under the umbrella of the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC). All of these networks are a direct result of the NSIP mini-grant.

Significant Outcomes & Accomplishments - High School Students' Service-Learning Projects

Five high school students all in various stages of transition participated in Service-Learning projects as a direct outcome of the NSIP mini-grant. All students are enrolled in the City Connections program. One performs clerical work at a local YMCA. The second engages in janitorial skills at a near by bowling alley. The third work in the activity room at an assisted living center. The fourth will be working on the grounds crew of an assisted living center when the weather is warmer. And the fifth is waiting for placement. These five students are gaining valuable experience volunteering and working in various settings.

Products and a Website

Three products have been developed over the course of the project: A. Brochure for Employers Supportive of Youth Inclusion B. List of agencies in PA who actively encourage persons with disabilities to partiicpate. C. Stories of youth in service related activities.

These products can all be accessed through the UCLID Center's Service Inclusion Project website at http://www.uclid.org:8080/uclid/nsip/index.html.