2002-2005 NSIP Accomplishments: Ohio Nisonger

October 15, 2005

Project Directors: Tom Fish with Jillian Ober

Focus area and target population


Local & National Organizations and networks impacted

Ohio Community Service Council, POWERCorps, Public Allies, Red Cross, AmeriCorps Serving Northwest Ohio, Wood County Corps. The Nisonger Center has provided the following services for AmeriCorps programs across Ohio: full analysis of member position descriptions, review of current recruitment practices, facilitation of partnerships with local disability organizations, assistance in reasonable accommodation issues, disability education and awareness training, periodic educational pieces, technical assistance

The Ohio State University Office for Disability Services, LearningWork Connections, Ohio APSE. The Nisonger Center has informed these organizations of the opportunities available for people with disabilities through AmeriCorps.

Ohio Self-Determination Association. The Nisonger Center is working with this organization to plan a statewide AmeriCorps program to serve adults with intellectual disabilities.

Significant Outcomes & Accomplishments

The Nisonger Center has received three responses to listserv postings to university disability service offices from student with disabilities. Two of those students are still considering the opportunity.

The Nisonger Center has provided on-site disability awareness/best practices training to approximately 43 AmeriCorps representatives.

Dr. Fish has nominated an individual with a disability to serve on the state AmeriCorps commission board.

Activities & programs

The Nisonger Center has contracted with the Ohio Community Service Council to provide the services described above for Ohio AmeriCorps programs.