AUCD-NCBDDD 2010 RTOI Explores Health Surveillance of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Project Team to Present at Health Frontier for Intellectual Disability Conference in May

May 18, 2011

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This RTOI project team set out with the goal of completing foundational work towards improving the surveillance of health of adults with intellectual disability (ID) in the United States. One component of the work includes developing recommendations about how to ensure that health surveillance covers the broadest range of this population as possible, extending beyond those community members who are receiving traditional state-agency funded DD/ID supports.  The project is interested in reaching out to community leaders who support people (directly or indirectly) who have an intellectual disability but do not receive state DD/ID agency supports, to learn about the types of supports people seek and receive, and the surveillance or data collection that they currently do.  This RTOI will be discussed at the May 23-26, 2011 Health Frontier for Intellectual Disabilities meetings and documented in the project reports, to be finalized later in 2011.  If you are aware of community groups that support significant numbers of people who have intellectual disability and are not served by their state's DD/ID, please contact the RTOI Principal Investigator, Alixe Bonardi.

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