2010 Outstanding Achievement Award

November 2, 2010

Dennis Stevens accepts the 2010 Outstanding Achievement Award
Dennis Stevens accepts the 2010 Outstanding Achievement Award

Dennis C. Stevens, MD, MS, awarded 2010 AUCD Outstanding Achievement Award

Dennis C. Stevens, MD, MS, of the Center for Disabilities, Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota, received the 2010 Outstanding Achievement Award today at the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) Conference.

The award recognizes a UCEDD, LEND, or IDDRC executive, faculty, or staff member who has demonstrated excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service to the wider community. 

From the presentation ceremony:

Dennis has been the LEND Director since 1997. Since starting as the LEND Director, Dennis has proven his leadership and commitment to teaching LEND students the importance of working as a team to impact the chronically ill, medically fragile and individuals with developmental disabilities. In addition, he has led by example in his clinical research efforts regarding the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) environment and has mentored many LEND students on scientific-based changes within the NICU that can have a very significant effect upon the health and development of infants who are critically ill. He has over 30 years of experience in academic pediatrics and the clinical care of critically ill newborns and their families in South Dakota and the Upper Midwest. He has served as a Consultant to the National Institute of Health; worked on a Special Review Committee for the National Institute of Neurologic Disorders and Stroke; and the National Neonatal Database Medical Advisory Committee. Over the years he has made significant contributions through a variety of professional training and educational materials.

His research on NICU design has also led to efforts looking at the distance walked by nurses; the environmental impact of respiratory equipment in a quiet single-family room; the level of family satisfaction comparing the open-bay with the single-family room; and the various aspects of staffing needs of open-bay versus single-family rooms. Because Dennis research on the various comparisons and results of infants cared for in an open-bay versus a single-family room in the NICU has captured significant national attention, he has been invited and has presented at several national conferences on this topic. Additionally, he has also worked with several LEND students on various aspects of this research.

Dennis has devoted a great deal of his time over his career to various community activities that focus on the prevention of both chronic health issues and disabilities in infants and children. He has been active in the March of Dimes at the local level as well as at the state level. He has been a member of the SD Parent-to-Parent Support Program; worked with the Children's Miracle Network and the Sioux Empire Critical Incident Stress Management Network.

We thank and acknowledge you for your work, Dennis and look forward to many more years of your leadership and participation.

Congratulations, Dennis.



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